Game Knight Reel Stakes Poker Sweepstakes (Daily Winners)


Entry period : March 19, 2021, 12:00 am to March 12, 2022, 11:59 pm

Game Knight Reel Stakes Poker Sweepstakes (Daily Winners)

Game Knight Reel Stakes Poker Sweepstakes (Daily Winners)

Reel Wager Poker is a fun classic video poker game with a fun twist of sweepstakes. Just play mini-games to complete hourly challenges and win exciting tango cards ranging from $ 5- $ 100. Game Night offers up to $ 10,000 in prizes every month. So, hurry up and download Reel Stakes Poker: 5-Card Draw App to play for free and win for real. The most exciting thing is that you can win many times.

Age limit: The minimum age limit of the participants should be 18 years or more. One entry per email address per person is allowed.




Tango Card ranging from $5-$100 each. The Tango Card code will be sent by email.

How to take Game Knight Reel Stakes Poker Sweepstakes (Daily Winners)

To play the Reel Steak Poker Daily Challenge, you will need to download the Reel Steak Poker: 5-Card Draw mobile application from the App Store. Once done, you can enter the sweepstakes in 1 of 3 ways:

Entry Method One:

Open Reel Steak Poker: Tap the challenge icon to select a 5-card draw app and a sweepstake challenge. After that, press “Play” to play the first mini-game to complete the challenges. You will receive one sweepstake entry per mini-played game.

Entry method two:

Spin the bonus reels and stop at the 3 entry ticket symbols to automatically receive an entry in the sweepstakes.

Entry method three:

See an advertisement to get an additional entry to resume any mini-game. You can see ads and earn 25 additional entries.

Leaderboard scores have no effect on your odds of winning a sweepstakes award.

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