Hardee’s Free Gift Card Giveaway


Entry periodApril 6, 2021, 12:00 am To April 15, 2021, 11:59 pm.

Hardee’s Free Gift Card Giveaway

Hardee’s Free Gift Card Giveaway

Just the imaging of your plate is filled with juicy burgers, leftover chicken tenders and luscious Coca-Cola drinks and you are facing the heat with these thirst quenching remedies. Now, the time has come to make this mouth-watering fantasy come true by winning a free Hardy gift card. Make haste and sign up to Hardy’s free gift card sweepstakes to be the fastest person to score $ 500, $ 250, $ 100 Hardy’s Gift Cards. Don’t be sad if you are not in a hurry because everyone who registers will receive a special offer! Propaganda can be initiated at any time, and is only up to a limited number of graves. So, hurry up and be informed now when the awards are released.

Age limit: The minimum age limit of the participants should be 18 years or more. One entry per email address per person is allowed.

ENTER TO WIN: https://www.quikly.com/q/GqGhqaw

OFFICIAL RULES: https://www.quikly.com/q/GqGhqaw/terms


The Fastest Person will receive a $500 Hardee’s Gift Card

2nd fastest person will receive a $250 Hardee’s Gift Card

3rd fastest person will receive a $100 Hardee’s Gift Card

Everyone else will receive Free Fries and a Small Drink on Purchase of any 1/3lb Thickburger*

How to take Hardee’s Free Gift Card Giveaway

Go to www.quikly.com/hardees or www.quikly.com/q/GqGhqaw, enter your email address, and click the “I WANT IN” button. After that, follow the instructions to opt-in. Note: All opt-ins must confirm an eligible US cell phone number to participate. Once you have opted-in, you are in! Then, you will receive an email or text notification letting you know that Quickly is life.

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