Ultimate Outdoor Awards Sweepstakes


Entry period :  March 12, 2021, 9:00 am to  April 8, 2021, 5:00 pm Ultimate Outdoor Awards Sweepstakes Ultimate Outdoor Awards Sweepstakes

Once again, the nation’s top and award-winning landscape professionals have created amazing outdoor rooms and lush green landscapes with creative ideas. Now, you can explore all of these creative designs and cast one vote daily for your favorites to gain entry into the HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards sweepstakes and a chance to win $ 5000 cash to decorate your outdoor space for spring Can hold.

Age limit: The minimum age limit of the participants should be 18 years or more. One entry per email address per person is allowed.




The chances of winning the HGTV Outdoor Awards Giveaway is approximate 1 in 1.35 million. By entering daily, you can bring maximum chances of winning.

How to take Ultimate Outdoor Awards Sweepstakes

During the promotion period, go to and select the category first and then visit all the locations in this category. When you receive your favorite, cast your vote and gain entry into the sweepstakes. You can “Continue to the next category” to visit more spaces.

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