Omaze Ultimate Gaming Sweepstakes 2021


Entry period : March 4, 2021, 12:00 am to June 9, 2021, 11:59 pm

Omaze Ultimate Gaming Sweepstakes

Omaze Ultimate Gaming Sweepstakes 2021

Correct gaming and computer gear play an important role when performing. Omaze is giving you $ 20,000 to build the ultimate computer setup that you want from a monitor, headset, graphics card, and more RAM. All you have to do is donate to the Gamers Outreach and Charities Aid Foundation Foundation to enter the Omaze Gaming gaming rig sweepstakes for a chance to win $ 20,000 to build your Dream PC.

Age limit: The minimum age limit of the participants should be 18 years or more. One entry per email address per person is allowed.




One grand prize winner will receive $20000 cash to build Your Perfect PC

How to take Omaze Ultimate Gaming Sweepstakes 2021

make a donation

Go to and click on the “Enter Now” button. After that, select the amount you want to donate from $ 2 to $ 100. Now, complete and submit the registration form with personal and payment details. You will receive 20 sweepstake entries for every $ 20 donated.

Donate more to unlock additional entries:

$ 2 = 20 entries
$ 5 = 50 entries
$ 7 = 70 entries
$ 10 = 100 entries
$ 25 = 250 entries
$ 50 = 1000 entries
$ 100 = 2000 entries
Free method:

Go to and click on the “alternative method entry” link. Simply, complete the registration form with the required details and submit it.

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